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Thread: C89 cant run the executable file

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    C89 cant run the executable file

    I've created a simple program using geany. It compiles and builds without hassle. However when I try to run the program I get
    ./ 5: ./testing: Permission denied
    I tried running it through the terminal and get a similar responce
    bash: ./testing: Permission denied
    and when I double click on the executable file from the file browser I get
    There is no application installed for executable files
    I did some googling and tried a few things without any success
    chmod +x testing.ext
    I also right clicked the file>>properties>>permissions>> and tried to select "Allow executing file as program". However any changes that I make under the permissions tab instantly change back to the original.

    NOTE: This is on a separate partion. If i save the .c file onto my Ubuntu partition everything works fine.
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