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Thread: Ubunto 12.04 amd64 Problem

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    Ubunto 12.04 amd64 Problem

    I ran the above as a live cd and it looked good and was going to install it.When I closed it down and restarted windows 7 I got a error message saying the last time it was closed there were errors and I had to put my restore dvd in and restart my computer .Will this happen every time I use linux ubunto

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    Re: Ubunto 12.04 amd64 Problem

    normaly u dont have to use restore dvd, errors sometimes come but they are mostly disk related , because windows doesn't recognize ext4 partitions created by ubuntu but after a restart it accepts the new partition size and errors are gone. it is my experience after using ubuntu with win7 for 3 years . it may sometimes be different with different hardware configurations and newer gpt partiotion scheme , uefi boot etc . so you can take a backup of everything important in windows and go on to see if still there is any problem.( normaly u should not have) if there is any problem , provide a detailed scenario of your system hardware, partitions, installation specific details etc for a good view of your problem.
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