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Thread: Missing Videos

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    Missing Videos

    Hi folks,

    My girlfriend recently alerted me to the fact that not all of my videos are showing in Mythvideo. With a terminal session, I confirmed that the video files are there and that the permissions are the same as the other videos in the same directory.

    I have watched that video via Mythtv before... so I'm confused as to why it is no longer appearing. Issuing a rescan from within mythvideo doesn't resolve the problem.

    She also said when she uses her computer and a UPnP player, she sees a completely different selection of videos. I went into Windows Media Player on my laptop, and sure enough that movie isn't listed.

    To make things even stranger, my metadata has started to get mixed up... metadata from one video appears on another.

    I upgraded to mythtv 0.25. I wanted the new features anyway and I thought maybe there was a bug that the upgrade would fix. But no changes. I also did a mythmetadatalookup --refresh-all with no noticeable change.

    Is there a way to just start with a blank mythvideo database? I don't mind downloading all the artwork and such again. That's a time consuming but easy thing to do. What I can't figure out is how to fix the initial problems: mixed up metadata, missing videos. Thought maybe starting from a clean slate would be a good start.


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    Re: Missing Videos

    Nevermind... I just manually went through and reset the details on every video. Now it shows up both in mythvideo and via UPnP.

    Not related to the problem, but the conflict resolution window for mythvideo 0.25 metadata in mythvideo is awesome! No longer do I have to guess which is the right one... it shows me the year and a small thumbnail for each. Fantastic!


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