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Thread: No internet after crash on suspend

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    No internet after crash on suspend

    Hi all,

    When I manually suspended my laptop today, the system crashed (backlight stayed on and no response whatsoever). After a hard reboot, my wireless reconnected normally, but I can access no websites, no mailservers, not even my router interface, nothing.

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    I have tried the following:
    sudo service network-manager stop
    sudo rmmod iwl3945
    sudo modprobe iwl3945
    sudo service network-manager start
    After that, the wireless icon reappears, and the network manager reports having successfully reconnected, but still no internet.

    Now I vaguely remember having a similar problem a year ago, and that there is some setting that gets disabled before entering suspend mode and enabled after waking up, that you have to manually reset in some config file if your computer crashes during suspend in order to get internet back, but I can't seem to remember what it was.

    Normally suspend works fine on my system, and I expect the crash was caused by a VPN connection manager that I started using recently (Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client) which was still running a connection when I suspended my laptop.

    Please let me know if there is additional information that I could supply from the terminal in order to fix this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Re: No internet after crash on suspend

    I fixed it. The VPN client had modified my resolv.conf and didn't get a chance to change it back because of the crash.

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