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Thread: Asus U47VC graphic card not detected

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    Smile Asus U47VC graphic card not detected

    Hey guys!

    Well i purchased the Asus U47VC and made a CLEAN install of ubuntu 12.04

    Laptop Specification :
    Intel® Core™ i5 3210M [ 3rd Gen] ]
    Graphic NVIDIA® GeForce® G 620M 1GB DDR3 VRAM
    Also comes with HD4000 intel graphics.

    Now the problems

    The graphic card does not get detected at ALL not even the intel card.

    I cant seem to download the driver updates no matter which method i tried uptill now.

    the Fn Keys do not function with all the keys like volume , brightness and keyboard backlight

    lastly , the touchpad works in bits , the right click doesn't seem to work and u cannot click once u touch the pad

    ANY HELP would be appreciated guys!

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    Re: Asus U47VC graphic card not detected

    You need to use bumblebee to make it run.


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