I have a motherboard E45M1-M pro (AMD APU 450 Dual core 2x1.6GHz) and HD6320 grafic (cpu+gpu=apu)
Despite HD6320 have UVD3, there are no Hardware acceleration for Blue Ray 3D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UVD False marketing or wrong in wikipedia? Anyway, I wonder how it worke if I add a Nvidia Geforce GT 520 (1GB) http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desk...specifications

How does it work to combine a onboard ATI APU with a PCIe gfx Nvidia Geforce GT 520?

Does I need to uninstall the propretarian AMD Catalys 12.4, if I install Nvidias propretarian driver?

If it work are there a way to get use of booth ATI HD6320 and Nvidia Geforce GT 520?

/Cheers and thank for all tips and answer