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Thread: Win 7 Asus netbook

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    Red face Win 7 Asus netbook

    My laptop kicked the bucket a while ago, so I have been out of the loop. I read that Win 8 was going to be a big problem with Linux so when I finally had enough money I got a Win 7 Asus Core i7 whiz bang netbook.(modelU46E). Much to my horror, I can't even get a live distro to run on it. If I go into the boot menu it has one choice only, Win 7. It doesn't even seem to have a boot from CD or flash drive option. I admit, I don't know much about Win 7, I had Vista before. how can I get a live distro to run on it? Can I get into something like the bios and have it boot from the the usb flash drive? I have a 32 Gig Usb thunb drive I would like to use for Ubuntu.


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    Re: Win 7 Asus netbook

    maybe I should rephrase the question, how do I turn on the auto boot feature on Win 7??

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    Re: Win 7 Asus netbook


    I personally don't have one of these computers but I looked up the laptop on the Asus Website. It says it has a BIOS... I imagine if you go into the Setup of the BIOS you might need to enable booting from the USB drive.

    Many BIOS have the option to disable booting off of a particular drive.
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