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Thread: Replacement for Thunderbird

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    Question Replacement for Thunderbird

    With the news that Mozilla is apparently putting Thunderbird into maintenance mode, with future innovations to be up to the community, it seems that the writing is on the wall for Thunderbird.

    Thunderbird has always been my email client of choice, but I have also been frustrated at the path of development taken by Mozilla. Now it seems that those frustrations and long-standing bugs are unlikely to be resolved. I guess Gecko and the cross-platform development overhead was just too much for the small Thunderbird development team.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a simple, clean & modern email client to use as a replacement for Thunderbird?

    Alternatives I'm aware of are:
    • Evolution - bloated and clunky, requires Gnome
    • Kmail - requires KDE
    • Claws - haven't tried this lately
    • Geary - still in development, but if Shotwell is anything to go by Geary will be great!

    Any other recommendations would be gratefully received.
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    Re: Replacement for Thunderbird

    Thunderbird isn't being discontinued. It will continue to be maintained and receive bug fixes and security fixes. They just won't be spending time and resources adding new features (what new feature do you really need that isn't in Thunderbird?), and they won't be pushing out a new version of Thunderbird every time they push out a new Firefox (which seems like every other week now).

    Oh, did I mention that Thunderbird is an open source project? Mozilla could quit working on it completely (which is NOT what they are doing) and Thunderbird would still live as the community could just take it up and continue.
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    Re: Replacement for Thunderbird

    +1. That's what I got after reading that web site. I have been using Thunderbird since forever (it seems) and everything I ever wanted has been added as well as some things that I didn't.
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