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Thread: Weird Keyboard Behavior... Stuck/Missing Keys

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    Weird Keyboard Behavior... Stuck/Missing Keys


    I am having some weird behavior while using Ubuntu on my HP DV6.

    Sometimes while typing, key input will lag while for a half second or so, and then either my previously typed key will spam several times like so:

    This is a sentennnnnnce.

    Or, sometimes it will just ignore everything typed for that period and nothing will show up at all, only to start responding a half second later.

    I know it's not a physical issue, as I reboot into Windows and it works fine. I have other issues i'm trying to fix which I can handle, but this one is almost a dealbreaker! I really want to use Ubuntu, help me please!

    Any help or suggestions tracking this down would be appreciated.

    Lastly, am I posting this in the right sub-forum since it's a laptop, or should it go to general help? If it should be moved let me know so I can delete and repost.
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    Re: Weird Keyboard Behavior... Stuck/Missing Keys

    I have this problem also.
    Mine will drag the key out until I hit something else, so:
    This is a sentennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn(I hit other keys to stop it.)
    The keys are at random. Sometimes they are letter keys, sometimes keys like shift or ctrl.
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    Re: Weird Keyboard Behavior... Stuck/Missing Keys

    This happens to me to, also HP DV6

    Its not too bad, i haven't noticed it much lately but when it happens it quite annoying, like when typing a password

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