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Thread: How Do I Install Ubuntu On A Partition?

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    How Do I Install Ubuntu On A Partition?

    I created a fresh instalation of Windows XP so I could partition my hard drive to allow one side for Windows and the other for Ubuntu.

    Now when I come to install Ubuntu from my Ubuntu boot CD, I am faced with a dialogue I struggle to comprehend, during the installation process.

    My goal is to install Ubuntu on another partition, separate from where I installed Windows. I can't work out if this installation process means it's going to install Ubuntu on the same partition as Windows or onto another one that Ubuntu will create. When I try to install to the partition I left free for Ubuntu, I get an error message, saying "no root directory" or something like that.

    I'm not confident of this step because I don't think I fully understand the process of HD partitioning to begin with, so I need some guidance. Please can you explain to me what I should do?
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