Sunday 8-July-2012 14:30hr Local US Eastern
Ubuntu 10.04 Up-to-Date (Kernel 2.6.32-41)

Help if able.

How do I uninstall AMD CCC 11.12 (AMD Display Driver ver 8.92);
I can install the soon to be released AMD CCC 12.7 Video Driver Package ?

Please confirm - Do I need to uninstall the current video driver before installing an upgraded one in place of it;
can I install directly over-top (overwriting) the old driver ??
Note: My Windows experience would suggest that an uninstall (before reinstall) is Necessary !

My current AMD Display Driver was installed by directly downloading it from:
to the Desktop and executing the Install routine (No Package Manager and No Terminal Command Lines were used). This was done following a Hardware Upgrade to the XFX Radeon HD 6870 2GB Video Card.

I have read all the Tech-Know-How of uninstalling the AMD proprietary "fglrx";
I am NOT using fgrlx !

So again, how do I (if necessary) uninstall AMD CCC 11.12 (AMD Display Driver ver 8.92) ?

Many Thanks in Advance !

Johnny M!