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Thread: xen autostart VMs

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    xen autostart VMs

    12.04 x64 server as my Dom0 with 4.1.2 xen install (all fresh and current as of yesterday). I changed the toolstack to xl as recommended.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my VMs to start when the machine boots. I created my VM (DomU) cfg files in /etc/xen and then created a sym link to them under /etc/xen/auto but they do not autostart. I can't seem to find a log showing what xend is doing either, although I haven't dug to deep on that.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    OK, so I figured it out. I read (although did no substantiate it) that xl is not quite ready for prime time, so I switched back to xm, and it worked!

    I noticed in /var/log/boot.log this message, so this clued me into look at going back to xm:

    Starting auto Xen domains: mc1.cfg ERROR: A different toolstack (xl) have been selected!
    So maybe when 4.2 comes out I will try again with xl.
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