I was a bit frustrated with Openshot today. So I googled up Lightworks to see if there are any news. No, they haven't released a Linux version yet but they have just recently published a series of tutorials to show how to work with Lightworks. Here is the link to tutorial number one - and, well, you'll see the rest in the sidebar.

What I want to say here is, it doesn't look that complicated and intimidating at all. I remember somebody say that if you can manage your projects with Kdenlive or OpenShot, you don't need Lightworks, it's only the professional editors who might need it. But from watching some of those tutorials I feel that it will be just as useful for amateurs as for pros. Just like Photoshop, though a professional tool, might be actually easier and more pleasant to use then the GIMP regardless of whether or not you are a pro.

I'm waiting for the moment they release it for Linux. Wonder what the system requirements will be. I would totally use it over OpenShot