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Thread: Reverse the 7 day post edit limit so HOW TO's are permitted back on the forums.

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    Reverse the 7 day post edit limit so HOW TO's are permitted back on the forums.

    To bodhi.zazen or whomever,

    I had 8 HOW TO's on setting up graphics tablets and convertible tablet PC's. Had because I can no longer edit them and keep them updated.

    From my perspective this was a major change in how the forum works that came without warning.

    7 Day Post Edit Limit and Notice of Change:
    Thanks to's helpful post (#19 page 2) on: I've been able to get up to speed on this change in policy. Well helpful except that also shut the thread down. Wasn't even able to say thank you for the information.

    The decision was taken at a Council Meeting 3-27-12: And mentioned in the minutes of at least one other Council Meeting: I saw neither of the meeting's minutes. How many forum members actually read these?

    Additional notice apparently was given in a sticky by Elfy in Tips & Tutorials: Since I almost never access that subforum directly I didn't see it. My HOW TO's are all on Hardware and Laptops. I guess the Forum administrators are unable to send a broadcast PM or e-mail to members notifying them of significant changes. Or at least come to think of it I've never received any except for when signing up for things or getting PM notices. That would be a feature worth considering.

    So from the administrators and forum staff perspective there was about 3 months advanced "warning". However from other posts I have seen it is clear I was not the only one caught unaware by this change.

    Discussion of Change:
    I can understand requesting transfer of tutorials and HOW TO's to the wiki in order to de-emphasize Tips & Tutorials and "modernize" the look and feel/branding. But not forcing the authors to move them by freezing them out of editing their tutorial(s). Had I been aware of the discussion occuring a few months ago (early April) I would have participated in it. Although it appears the goal of "integrating into the community" overrides any objections anyway. Apparently this move to the wiki has been under discussion by the staff for up to two years. Not to mention the discussion on the thread was after the fact of the 3-27-12 Council Meeting decision. So of dubious utility from the git go?

    State of the Wiki for Graphics Tablets and Tablet PC's:
    A quick look at what is there ( tells me getting the wiki pages for tablets and tablet PC's up to speed will be a huge job. It appears the tablet section in Hardware > InputDevices > TabletSetup is incomplete and out of date. Woefully so.

    There seems to have been minimal maintainance on the Wacom wiki pages since Loïc2, the original author, stopped participating. Over two years ago? Last edit over a year ago? And by the way he had an associated forum thread for the wiki pages "Wacom tablets in Ubuntu guide/howto" in Hardware and Laptops from the beginning. So not a new concept. And I have been the one responding to questions on that thread, basically by default.

    Evdev, not WizardPen, is the intended driver for KYE (Genius) and UC-Logic tablets since evdev 2.5.99 (Natty). Except Waltops in which case it is the Wacom X driver for the Waltop pen although evdev can be used.

    Little to no discussion on the use of .conf files in xorg.conf.d for configuration. And so on.

    Do you still recommend I add an agenda item to the next Forum Council meeting on Wednesday July 18 about reversing the no edit decision?

    Now that I've read through the Tips & Tutorials sticky and I'm up to speed on it the decision appears to be long since a done deal and set in concrete. I don't want to be wasting the Council's time or mine if there is no realistic chance of a reversal of the decision.


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    Re: Reverse the 7 day post edit limit so HOW TO's are permitted back on the forums.

    Making an application to the Forum Council is the proper channel for this.

    I will close this thread
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