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Thread: Aria2.conf Missing!!!

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    Question Aria2.conf Missing!!!

    My aria2.conf file is missing from the .aria2 home folder. The only file that is there is dht.dat. Is it supposed to be missing and I am I supposed to create it? I installed aria2 from the terminal using
    sudo apt-get install aria2
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    Re: Aria2.conf Missing!!!

    Could you please put up the path to the ".aria2 home folder"?

    I don't have anything like .aria2 in my home folder and it works just fine for what I need.

    Okay, man throws up this:
    Change the configuration file path to PATH. Default: $HOME/.aria2/aria2.conf
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    Question Re: Aria2.conf Missing!!!

    So i should use that option to specify the place i want the aria2.conf file to be? And then i create it? With my own set of commands? The path to the folder is /home/vokevybez/.aria2

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