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Thread: Ubuntu Novice w/ Wired Networking Problems

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    Ubuntu Novice w/ Wired Networking Problems

    Hey guys. Let me preface this by telling you where I'm at in general. The machine I'm having trouble with is my first computer build, and this is my first foray into Ubuntu. I'm at a power user level on Mac, so I sort of understand syntax and a few basic commands in Unix. But when I've looked at other threads for similar problems, the discussion has been a tiny bit over my head. So forgive me if I have to ask for clarification on what you say. With all of that out of the way...

    The short version is I can't connect to the internet via ethernet cable.

    The cable is plugged in to the ethernet port on my motherboard. When I tell Ubuntu to connect automatically with DHCP, it spins for a while and then fails to connect. When I give it a manual address (and set up the appropriate routing instructions on my router) it says it's connected, but I cannot access the internet or even ping the router.

    Since this is my first computer build, I'm not ruling out that it's a hardware or driver issue, but it seems unlikely since the OS clearly recognizes that there is an ethernet port.

    Here's what I'm working with:
    -ASROCK N68C-GS FX Motherboard (connecting the router directly to the ethernet port on the motherboard)
    -Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS
    -Asus RT-N12 router

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Ubuntu Novice w/ Wired Networking Problems

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    Re: Ubuntu Novice w/ Wired Networking Problems

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