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Thread: Blinking Prompt After Booting

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    Unhappy Blinking Prompt After Booting

    Hi all.
    I'm failing to boot Ubuntu 12.04 (Live CD desktop amd64 edition)-

    After choosing Try Ubuntu from the menu, I get stuck in a black screen with a Flashing Prompt for more than 15 minutes, that does not repsond to any keystroke.
    I guess the problem has something to do with Graphics Drivers, but I can't really be sure.

    I am using an nVidia GeForce GTX550Ti Graphics Card.

    Any help?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Blinking Prompt After Booting

    Maybe using different drivers (rather than Nouveau) will mend the problem?
    Is there any way to install ubuntu using nVidia's properiatery drivers?

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    Re: Blinking Prompt After Booting

    I am surprised you got that far. My GTX 550 Ti would not even get to the "Try Ubuntu" gui for 12.04 install iso on USB, just a blinking cursor indefinitely.

    While booting install CD, press a key on first purple screen with symbols at the bottom and enable nomodeset kernel boot parameter. Then it should work. The installed system should work without any boot parameters.

    That is sort of opposite of 11.10 where I don't think I needed nomodeset for install, but needed it on the installed system.
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