I hope I am posting this in the right section, but I find that time and time again, Ubuntu IRC is actively hostile to helping out Ubuntu users.

If I'm not posting this in the right section, I apologize, I thought this one seemed most appropriate.

First off, I'd say on a scale of 1-10, my linux and technical knowledge is maybe a 6. I've been using Linux for several years, and usually can fix my own problems without much issue.

The problems I experience on the Ubuntu IRC are generally problems with moderation above all else. Here's some typical scenarios on Ubuntu IRC.

-A user logs in, says "Hey, I'm having issues with my monitor!"
-Someone will say !ubottu | X
-Ubottu will spit out some blurb that has nothing to do with users issue.
-The user clarifies their issue
-Other users tell that user to follow Ubottu's advice

Ubottu makes users with real issues feel like nobody cares, and let's be honest, the people who use ubottu to answer questions generally DON'T care about the issue. People don't go into the IRC chat the first time they have an issue, they google the problem first. Chances are, whatever Ubottu is telling them, they've already looked into.

Here's another common scenario:

-User comes in asking about a common issue, but happens to be using something that isn't Ubuntu, but is Ubuntu-based (ie, Linux Mint)
-People tell user they don't support X distribution, even though the problem is probably something that is the same in both distributions
-User is told to go to his distributions channel

Often times the user will get around this issue by lying. Many IRC channels for smaller distributions have X-Chat set up to go to #ubuntu upon signing into Freenode. They do this because they have much smaller communities and are probably almost identical to Ubuntu in the first place, the only differences being in the amount of packages included in the base distribution. Ubuntu is built off of the work of the entire Open Source community, and it isn't appropriate, in my opinion, to tell someone to bugger off because they're using a tweaked version of the same OS. It's not like Ubuntu is the sole creative output of a single entity, it's a collaboration, and help should be given to all who use open source software.

Here's the situation that prompted me to make this thread:

-I join #ubuntu, ask if someone can help me set up Broadcom-STA for a non-official kernel... mind you, I'm running Ubuntu, I'm just running a different kernel because of issues I had with the main release
-Another user offers to help
-Moderators get angry and kick me from the channel because I'm getting support about a non-official kernel.

Obviously this is absurd. I got the kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa...3.4.4-quantal/ . It's not like it's a BSD kernel, it's a Linux kernel that was vetted and released by Linus, then packaged into a .deb by some nice fellow so Ubuntu users can use it.

Here's the main problem: The face that the Ubuntu IRC is presenting to the world is the same face they see when they call their cell-phones technical support line. No answers, no assistance, if you void the warranty, you're gone. "You should have read the contract more clearly", "We're not going to support you", "Contact your computer manufacturer". It's all pretty similar. Instead of them seeing the wonderfully collaborative side of Open Source Software, where people spend their free time helping each other out and making programs out of their need for the programs to exist, then sharing their programs with the world, they see a bureaucratic mess of "We won't help you".

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution available, and when Ubuntu has a community made out of lawyers and politicians, it makes the entire community look bad.

I'm of the opinion that the Ubuntu IRC should be moderated a bit nicer, and be a little less hostile to people with problems. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am, but this is my two cents.