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Thread: Which VNC/remote desktop server?

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    Which VNC/remote desktop server?

    I've been reading a lot, but got to no conclusion yet.

    In the client PC, I installed remmina.

    On the notebook I want to access remotely what server should I install?
    This remote notebook is running ubuntu 10.04 still, and I want to view the same desktop as the local user is viewing, in order to solve problems she's facing.
    The connection must be secure, using ssh tunnel or other method.

    What options, do I have, what do you recommend?

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    Re: Which VNC/remote desktop server?


    Perhaps this link would help you?
    Join us on irc at #ubuntuforums. For web chat see here

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    Re: Which VNC/remote desktop server?

    Thank you msammels.

    I cannot try this right now, but it seems that I only get a remote desktop, not the desktop the local user is seeing at the moment.
    Or am I wrong?

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