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Thread: Asus K53E and Ubuntu Natty

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    Wink Asus K53E and Ubuntu Natty

    I just wanted to make it mentioned that I have pretty much tried all editions of Ubuntu, and some Kubuntu and Xubuntu too, from versions 10.04 onward, on my Asus K53E laptop, and 11.04 Natty works the best of them all on my beloved Asus laptop! Even way better than Pangolin. This to me was surprising given its the first with a 2.6 version kernel to pick up even my ethernet device without me having to backport a newer kernel. So if you have an Asus and run into bugs or problems on versions other than 11.04, try Natty instead.

    Also, it's very much worth mentioning here but if anyone reading this is having problems on any version of Ubuntu with Suspend/Hibernate, this link and this info works like a charm fixing it:

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