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    I have recently embarked on a personal Home project to push my limits on containers. (effectively a newbie limits)
    To start off, I purchased the latest hardware: Intel Core I7-6800K Broadwell 6 Core-E 2.4Ghz, MSI Ge Force GTX 1070 8GB 256Bit GDDRS, ASUS Delux II motherboard, 32 Gb DDRAM and 4 TB RAID 10 HDD. (no SSD yet) with three screens, +++ the basic stuff.

    I have read tons and mulled over multiple approaches and design criteria for the OSS build and virtulization.

    My ultimate goal is to build a system that is Hyper fast and running three different OSS at the same time, these are:
    • Ubuntu desktop
    • Windows 10
    • kali Linux

    I am sort of settling now on the following:

    Ubunto Server LTS +MAAS w/3 Containers + JUJU

    The big question will MAAS be able to accommodate a full version of the above mentioned OSS in each container respectively?
    (i have seen MAAS referencing windows server but not windows 10, is that a potential issue?)

    Before I start, i would love to know if the above is the best configuration.
    I know i do not have to do it the way described above and there is other simpler ways (EUFI, etc) , but i am not looking for those
    I am trying to push my limits with cloud set-ups is also a secondary goal here.

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    Re: Maas

    Thread closed. Please do not post duplicates, it dilutes community effort.

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