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Thread: GTX 460 Fan Speed

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    GTX 460 Fan Speed

    [Lucid Lynx]
    Hey, I have an EVGA GTX 460 and I would like to know how to get it to automatically adjust fan speed, it won't go past 30% fan speed.
    I tried nvclock but my computer just locks up.

    Got to wondering when I started EDuke32(w/ polymer) and didn't hear the fan speed go up.
    I started the NVIDIA X Server Settings, put the game windowed 1024x768, and looked at Thermal Info.
    After running around a bit I seen it at 47c, still at 30% fan speed.
    I know its not too hot for my video card but I still don't like having the fan speed just stay there.

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    Re: GTX 460 Fan Speed

    Google "ubuntu x11 coolbits".

    Since you have a Nvidia card, you should be able to control the GPU fan speed via Nvidia Server Settings. Canadian Web Design and Hosting

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    Re: GTX 460 Fan Speed

    You have to work it farther into the yellow zone maybe at higher resolution for fan speed to increase. Maybe they make it to take the heat and figure people would rather have a quiet computer than a noisy fan.

    I was beginning to wonder if my fan was variable sitting at 30% (also EVGA, but a step down from yours). But I noticed its fan running 40-41% at 65-67 degrees C.

    One game that can bury one cpu core at 100% and work your video calculating fps well beyond the refresh rate of your display is minecraft (multiplatform java game).
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