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Thread: Dell XPS 17 headphones and mic problems

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    Dell XPS 17 headphones and mic problems


    I have Dell XPS 17 with Ubuntu 12.04 64bit installed. When I plug in the headphones, sound is coming from both headphones and internal speakers. This worked fine on 11.10 64bit, as well as Windows.

    Also I have a problem on the same notebook with internal microphone (which is not detected and not present in sound preferences). Again, this worked fine on 11.10 64bit and Windows.

    Does anyone have the solution for these issues?


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    Re: Dell XPS 17 headphones and mic problems

    Did you try the steps in the wiki? There's a note at the top of the page that says the instructions are outdated, but I find them to be more useful than the "new" instructions that they link to. There's also info there on upgrading your ALSA drivers to the latest, which might help.

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