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Thread: Loss of keyboard and mouse input

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    Loss of keyboard and mouse input

    While using Thunderbird to read newsfeeds this time, all input devices failed... no mouse or keyboard, except that the keyboard took Ctrl-Alt-Del which produced a logout menu. Logged out and then in, and the devices are now working. Wonder what's happening?

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    Re: Loss of keyboard and mouse input

    It mightn't be awfully easy to work out what happened. Your best hope is that there are some pertinent log entries which give some indication what happened.

    Check /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages around the time it occurred - see if there's anything interesting.

    It sounds as though the xserver was still alive since you got a logout window.
    It might be that some component of the DE crashed. Or it may be that a USB mouse was force disconnected. Hopefully the logs might give a clue.
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    Re: Loss of keyboard and mouse input

    Thank you, I'll give it a look!


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