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Thread: ICEauthority - cannot update ICEauthority file

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    ICEauthority - cannot update ICEauthority file

    Hi there,

    I restarted by computer (running Ubuntu 12.04 32bit) after some updates (do not recall what were the updates) and since then I cannot login. When I try to login, I always get a popup saying: cannot update ICEauthority file /home/jane/.ICEauthority.

    I have tried running the suggestions that I have found in these forums but to no avail.. Here is a list of what I have done & the results.

    1 - sudo chown jane:jane /home/jane/.ICEauthority
    sudo chmod 644 /home/jane/.ICEauthority
    did not work as same pop up showing when I tried logging in again

    2 - ls -a1 .ICEauthority
    cannot check if this is owned by me as I get the error, ls: cannot access .ICEauthority. No such file or directory.

    Also when I use TTY and login (successfully), there is the message: No directory, logging in with HOME=/. I think that this might be related to the problem of the .ICEauthority but I am not sure & I do not know how to fix it.

    Thanks a lot for the help in advance,

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    Re: ICEauthority - cannot update ICEauthority file

    Looking at the file on my system it shows with -rw------- permissions, ie 600 in octal language, not 644, but I don't think that would make any difference when trying the chmod command.

    Try renaming the file from Ctrl+Alt+F1 command line with
    sudo mv /home/user/.ICEauthority /home/user/.ICEauthorityOLD
    which is one answer I have seen mentioned before many times.

    Just out of interest, have you made use of sudo to start graphical applications instead of gksu or gksudo, as that can cause this problem. Srr Root-sudo in my signature for details and explanation of what you should always do.
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    Re: ICEauthority - cannot update ICEauthority file

    Thanks for the reply.

    I renamed the file as mentioned below (no error came up afterwards) but I still get the same ICEauthority popup when I try logging in again.

    After reading the Root-sudo link, yes I have opened graphical applications with sudo & not gksudo. I now know I won't be doing that again!

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    Re: ICEauthority - cannot update ICEauthority file

    Problem solved!

    The home directory was not executable, so the rights were changed so that I could execute it and that fixed the problem.



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