I recently decided to get into the world of linux (still a beginner so bear with me, although I am willing to learn). I originally installed Ubuntu using Wubi but have decided to switch over to a more permanent installation (ew NTFS) anyway shrinking/formatting the partitions went great (done it before).

Now I am trying to follow the instructions found here on the Wiki but I encounter an error. Here is the terminal log:

sudo bash wubi-move-2.2.sh /dev/sda2
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Validating migration source...
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Source for migration validated successfully:
wubi-move-2.2.sh:    Wubi host partition: /dev/sda1
wubi-move-2.2.sh:    Size of install: 3774443 K
wubi-move-2.2.sh:    Size of /boot: 48323 K
wubi-move-2.2.sh:    Size of /usr: 1975996 K
wubi-move-2.2.sh:    Size of /home: 388377 K
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Validating migration target(s)...
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Target(s) for migration validated successfully:
wubi-move-2.2.sh:    Size of / partition: 25526176 K
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Target partition size is sufficient

wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Grub2 will be installed to /dev/sda

wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Please close all open files before continuing.
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  About to format the target partition (/dev/sda2).
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Proceed with format (Y/N)
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Formatting /dev/sda2 with ext4 file system

wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Copying files - please be patient - this takes some time
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Copying from / (root)
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Copying from /usr
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Copying from /boot
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Copying from /home
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Copying completed

wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Starting chroot to the target install.
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Removing lupin-support on target...
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  An error occurred within chroot
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Error is: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Attempting to exit chroot normally...
wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Exiting from chroot on target install...

wubi-move-2.2.sh:  Migration did not complete successfully.
I tried Googling but the error seems too ambiguous to pull up anything helpful to my situation. Thanks in advance for any help!