I'm reinstalling a system which has attached to it an old Linkys wusb54g v.4 USB wireless adapter. After the install I can "connect" to the network, but then the network manager freezes at "Setting network address!" A few moments later, maybe 30 seconds or a minute, the system disconnects and then retrys. It repeates this forever, never connecting.

During this process the following message is printed on pty0:
"phy0 -> rt2500usb_set_device_state: Error failed to enter state 3 (-16)"
"phy0 -> rt2x00lib_autowakeup: Error device failed to wake up"

I have found several instances of people encountering this problem with previous versions of ubuntu. However, all threads make note that the probelm was fixed in later kernel versions, however, I am having the problem with 12.04!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!