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Thread: Foxconn vs. AS Rock

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    Foxconn vs. AS Rock

    Hi there

    I'm running an old Athlon 64 X2 4800+ computer. My ASUS motherboard just took a dive and now its time to replace it. Since I don't have the cash to buy a new processor, motherboard, and memory... I'm instead going to buy a motherboard that fits my existing equipment. I can get a Foxconn motherboard or an AS Rock motherboard. I don't know much about either one so I was curious if anyone had an opinion on which is generally known to be a better brand of motherboard. Unfortunately with a processor and memory that are so old, my options are limited.

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    Smile Re: Foxconn vs. AS Rock

    AS Rock are a much better build than Foxxcon... I've had a few of their motherboard and they worked well...

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    Re: Foxconn vs. AS Rock

    They'll probably both work fine, but it would be nice to know the specs or at least the model numbers of the boards in question.


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