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Thread: Two issues with my upgrade.

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    Two issues with my upgrade.

    Ok I upgraded and for the most part everything went ok. However, I'm having two minor issues that I have no idea how to resolve.

    1. The icon bar to the left won't come out when I move my mouse over the left side of the screen like it used to if I have an application open. i.e. firefox However, as soon as I have no windows open its there and available. If I have an application already open, I have to minimize it before the icon will pop out again.

    2. When restarting, after the desktop loads up the little icon in the upper right that is the wireless/wired network connection icon will try and try to pick up a wireless connection. It will make several attempts. The problem is that I have a wired connection to my router. In between attempts, the little window in the upper right of my screen will say wired connection disconnected. I'm fairly sure its referring to my gigabet network port on my motherboard that isnt being used.

    Any help on either of these would be most appreciated.

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    Re: Two issues with my upgrade.

    I have seen

    No 2 ..... I had that happen on a laptop and ended up removing a a PCMIA wireless card
    to stop it happening .... as it continuosly flashes on and off - very annoying .

    Check in the link below in red and see if there are any solutions to some of the graphics problems as there are others reporting them too .....

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    Re: Two issues with my upgrade.

    2. Im having the exact same problem. My MB has two ethernet ports and Im only using one of them. It's very annoying to see the icon on the top right constantly scanning and saying "wired network disconnected" when Im already connected to the other ethernet port.

    After the connection is idle for some time this problem stops. Then it restarts.

    Im still searching for a fix. If I find something that works Ill post back here.


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