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Thread: Constant fan and low battery life

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    Exclamation Constant fan and low battery life

    My sys config:-
    ubuntu 12.10 on Dell N5010, i5, first gen, 4GB ram, 1GB ATI graphic card

    My issue:
    Fan is running continuously and very low battery life per charge
    (a entire charge is required to transfer 7GB data through a usb 2.0 port !!!)
    p.s working on brand new battery (original)

    my attempts:

    I have tried using powertop fixing some kernel and jupiter; visited and enabled all power saving options given on ubuntu site, using very low screen brightness and what not.

    no respite.

    my expectation:
    a one time solution to this issue

    NOTE:= This is not a duplicate, i have read various posts nothing, i repeat, nothing works.

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    Re: Constant fan and low battery life

    I think this is a general Ubuntu problem. I have completely different hardware and also the fan is constantly humming and battery life isn't worth a damn (X1 Carbon Thinkpad)...

    Ubuntu's power management really needs to improve, lol otherweise Intel will include warning signs on their "Ultrabook" stickers that say "except under Linux"


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