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Thread: Issue with ubuntu server 12.04 and AMD A75 platform

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    Issue with ubuntu server 12.04 and AMD A75 platform

    I tried to install ubuntu server 12.04 on the AMD A75(with APU A4 3300) platform.
    The install process was smooth, but when the system is booted the display has no signal after grub screen.The system is not dead because the numlock still works.If I choose recovery mode in grub list then choose resume normal boot i can enter the system and everything seems fine.
    So I think it is something wrong with the graphic driver,because if you choose the recovery mode the system will boot up with a minimal graphic setting.

    I think the solution should be either to set the normal boot up by using the same graphic setting as the recovery mode or to find a proper graphic driver.

    Does anyone have any idea what i should do?

    PS:I also post a same post in general support but i think this should be the proper catalog to post this post when i found this one.
    could the admin merge this two posts or delete the old one?

    PS2:I tried to install ubuntu server 11.04 then everything is fine..but I do want to use the brand new 12.04:<
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