Hi all,

This relates to an issue I was having in the thread below:

The root cause seems to be not having my laptop (LenovoX220, Ubuntu 12.04) plugged in during boot up.

If the laptop is plugged in I don't need to do anything with modprobe, wireless just works.

If the laptop is not plugged in during boot, the wireless still connects, however I can't ping anything on the network or get internet access. I have to do the following:
sudo modprobe -r
sudo modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=0

at which point the wireless works even though the laptop remains unplugged.

I've printed the output from dmesg with the laptop unplugged:
and plugged in:

When unplugged, at [ 17.535791] there is a line related to power, but I can't see what causes the wireless specifically to stop working. Everything else seems to be fine.

Any ideas?