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Thread: GDT Protected Mode Programming

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    GDT Protected Mode Programming

    I am trying to write a program that enter the protected mode and show a 'P', but it doesn't work. The code is shown below, anyone can solve this problem? Thanks
    /* Boot file of nosdl;
     * This file is loaded at 0x8000;
     * Enter the protected mode and run init;
     * The max size of this file is 8k;
    #define BOOTSEG 0x8000	/* where I am in; */
    /* Generate a gdt with 32bits base, 20bits limit and 12bits flag; 
     * We use a 32bits limit (low 20bits available) and
     * 16bits flag (lower 4bits of higher byte are always 0) here; 
    .globl _start
    	movl $0xB800,%eax
    	movl %eax,%gs
    	mov $'0',%al
    	mov $0x0C,%ah
    	movl %eax,%gs:((80*0+5)*2)
    /* Prepare to enter the protected mode; */
    	/* Clear interrupt flags; */
    	/* Load GDT; */
    	lgdt gdtptr
    	/* Reset registers; */
    	movl $sel_kdata,%eax
    	movl %eax,%ds
    	movl %eax,%es
    	movl %eax,%fs
    	movl %eax,%gs
    	/* Open A20 Line; */
    	inb $0x92,%al
    	orb $0b00000010,%al
    	outb %al,$0x92
    	/* Set cr0, enter protected mode; */
    	movl %cr0,%eax
    	orl $0x01,%eax
    	movl %eax,%cr0
    	ljmp $0x10,$(__enter32)
     * Here we enter the 32bits world;
     * The next step is init idt and other things;
    	/* Display a P; */
    	xorl %eax,%eax
    	movl $sel_video,%eax
    	movl %eax,%gs
    	movl $((80*0+10)*2),%edi
    	mov $0x0F,%ah
    	mov $'P',%al
    	movl %eax,%gs:(%edi)
    	jmp .
    /* GDT table; */
    gdt: 		.quad 0x0000000000000000	/* Not used; */
    gdt_kstack: .quad 0x00CF92000000FFFF	/* Reserved for kernel stack; 0x08; */
    gdt_kcode:  .quad 0x00CF9A000000FFFF	/* Kernel code segment; 0x10; */
    gdt_kdata:  .quad 0x00CF92000000FFFF	/* Kernel data segment; 0x18; */
    gdt_ustack: .quad 0x00CFF2000000FFFF	/* Reserved for user stack; 0x20; */
    gdt_ucode:  .quad 0x00CFFA000000FFFF	/* User code segment; 0x28; */
    gdt_udata:  .quad 0x00CFF2000000FFFF	/* User data segment; 0x30; */
    gdt_video:  .quad 0x00CFF200B800FFFF	/* Video buffer; 0x38; */
    		    .quad 0x0000000000000000	/* Not used; */
    .set gdtlen, (.-gdt)	/* GDT Length; */
    gdtptr: 	.2byte (gdtlen-1)	/* GDT Limit; */
    gdtbase:	.4byte gdt	/* GDT Base address; */
    /* Selectors; */
    .set sel_kcode, gdt_kcode-gdt
    .set sel_kdata, gdt_kdata-gdt
    .set sel_ucode, gdt_ucode-gdt
    .set sel_udata, gdt_udata-gdt
    .set sel_video, gdt_video-gdt

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    Re: GDT Protected Mode Programming

    The development environment is consists of:
    CentOS 6.2 (x86_64)
    gcc 4.4.6
    make 3.81
    virtualbox 4.1.16 (Used to boot the floppy image)

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    Re: GDT Protected Mode Programming

    Need to know more than just the code - how are you building it and trying to run it?
    Can you please post your Makefile?
    The Unforgiven


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