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Thread: Lightdm not starting anymore

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    Lightdm not starting anymore


    I'm on ubuntu 12.04 and I have a problem with the gui/unity/lightdm not showing up anymore.

    On purposely I changed the grub setting from 'quiet splash' to 'text' to boot in Ubuntu console/terminal only, without any GUI. Normally I would run 'sudo lightdm start' to get into the Ubuntu GUI.

    Strangely enough xterm wouldn't start when no monitor was connected. So I wanted to make the system headless by changing the xorg.conf to enable Remote Desktop when running xterm with a graphical program, without any actual monitor.

    After that I was not able to get the GUI and also xterm wouldn't start even when a monitor is connected. I tried installing nvidia drivers again, I restored the xorg.conf and I restored grub to quiet splash, I tried reconfigure and reinstalling lightdm, but non of them would work.

    How to get in the Ubuntu GUI again?

    Thank you

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    Re: Lightdm not starting anymore

    I was able to finally get the GUI back by doing this:
    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

    Now, how can I get the headless computer to boot xterm without an actual monitor?

    I tried changing my xorg.conf to:
    Section "Device"         Identifier      "Onboard Intel Graphics"         Driver          "vesa" EndSection  Section "Monitor"         Identifier      "Generic Monitor"         HorizSync       31-101         VertRefresh     60-160 EndSection  Section "Screen"         Identifier      "Basic Screen"         Monitor         "Generic Monitor"         Device          "Onboard Intel Graphics"         SubSection "Display"             Modes		"1024x768"         EndSubSection EndSection
    Changing the xorg.conf made failed startx with the error: no screens

    Any ideas how to make Ubuntu 12.04 headless and make startx/xterm work?
    Thank you
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