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Thread: Help with 10 bit mkv encoding (hi10p)

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    Help with 10 bit mkv encoding (hi10p)

    I recently did a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04 on RAID 0 on my Asus laptop.

    I currently have everything running great - even my 10 bit video playback in gnome mplayer plays just fine on my old core 2 duo.

    No I have what is probably going to be a stupid question. I used to use megui in windows to encode videos to hi10p mkv's to save some space with my videos.

    Is there a similar program that uses a GUI in linux? I have done a lot of googling for the past hour but everything I have found related to using ffmpeg and using shell.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    (P.S. I have handbrake installed and I know I can convert 10 bit to 8 bit, but I see no settings for 10 bit encoding and because the x264 is built into handbrake I can't simply replace the files)

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    Re: Help with 10 bit mkv encoding (hi10p)

    Problem would be that x264 can be compiled for either 10bit or 8bit:

      --bit-depth=BIT_DEPTH    set output bit depth (8-10) [8]
    You can see that the default is actually 8bit. I guess you could experiment with rebuilding your copy of x264 for 10bit and see how the various guis react. Using FFmpeg or indeed x264 directly would probably be easier though....
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