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Thread: Dreaming is free: the System76 laptop of your dreams

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    Re: Dreaming is free: the System76 laptop of your dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by capyba View Post
    I would buy the Lemur right now if it had a 1600x900 matte screen upgrade.
    I'm with you on this one. I just ordered a Lemur and will take a close look at the screen when I get it. I delayed for a week or two or three debating whether I wanted to hold out or look for another vendor with this option. I decided that the pixels on the 14" will be closer together than the 15" and if I want high res I will hook it up to an external monitor. I did go to the big blue store and try to compare the two resolutions. And did like the 1600x900 a little better, but the 1366x768 looked ok on the smaller screens.

    I'm not sure I want another glossy screen. I guess I have 30 days to decide after I get it. I will be super careful with it for the first few days.

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    Re: Dreaming is free: the System76 laptop of your dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by areteichi View Post
    I don't know if you missed it or ZaReason released/updated their line of laptops, but they do seem to offer one now:

    Also a tablet:

    I must admit that UltraLap 430 looks quite appealing to me (I wished it would come with a DVD drive though...)
    The UltraLap,despite it's silly name, looks pretty nice. When I was pricing out laptops ad looking at specs, System 76 offered more than ZaReason by a pretty comfortable margin. I couldn't beat the price to specs of the Lemu4.

    I would love to see Sys76 put out something in the ballpark of the Dell XPS 13. I was able to put my hands on one at the Local best buy, and it is a real nice device. Only thing wrong with it was it had Windows on it.

    Next time I buy, I would definitely look for something similar, maybe even a sharp, 12-inch ultra-portable.

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