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Thread: Problems Installing Office 2007 in VirtualBox

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    Problems Installing Office 2007 in VirtualBox

    I have a similar problem. I installed Windows 7 using Virtualbox 4.1.2 which I found in the Software Center. I also had no problems installing SigmaPlot, which I need to use for work and which, as I read in a few threads cannot be installed using Wine (therefore I set up the VM). I have SigmaPlot on a CD with an autorun.exe. I could start the program after copying to the Desktop as well as from the CD. So, everything was smooth and running. Now to my problem:
    I also wanted to install Office 2007. I know that I could also use Wine but when I had already all the work to set up the VM for SigmaPlot I decided to keep all the Windows programs in the VM where I need them for work.
    I have 2 Office exe-files for installation (Office Professional Small) but as far as I noticed only the first exe is needed for installation in Windows. I tried installation from an external USB hard disk as well as after copying the files on the Windows desktops. In either case the setup is aborted during file extracting without giving a specific reason ("Setup is not working anymore!"). I have no problem using the very same files on my Windows PC.
    Could it be because I only have 2 exe-files which would be different from a "normal" installation CD?
    BTW I am using Ubuntu 11.10 ( I had some problems with the WLAN/internet connectivity using Ubuntu 12.04).
    Ok, that was a long text but I wanted to be detailed enough. So, please if anyone has any idea what could be the problem?! Thanks!

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    Re: Problems Installing Office 2007 in VirtualBox

    If you have the normal install CD, just mount it and run the setup from there.
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