Hi, I cannot find an updated driver for a webcam Logitech Quickcam E 2500 webcam. It doesn't work with Cheese nor does it work with Skype. I'm using Lubuntu 12.04 LTS. I have tried the packages qc-usb-utils (utility programs for the QuickCam Express driver) & qc-usb-source (source for the QuickCam Express driver) without a result. I tried to compile the gspca Linux kernel module driver for the Logitech webcam, also without a result. Is there any driver present in the kernel tree?

Logitech Quickcam E2500 webcam & Ubuntu recommends the gspca driver? This driver worked with fine with 8.04, 9.10, 10.10? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams

Are there any updated gspca drivers out there for Lubuntu 12.04 LTS?

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