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Thread: Add applications to Startup

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    Lightbulb Re: (how to) Add applications (teamviewer) to Startup

    I just wanted to add an update so any future souls that stumble in here can maybe find an answer to their questions...

    This is how I got Team Viewer 7 to be added to the startup applications and thus run when my account is logged into the computer. (this doesn't cover auto-running at startup with no one logged in. That evidently involves daemon conjuring. )

    1.) navigate to applications folder (/usr/share/applications/) in unity on ubuntu 12.04, making sure the file browser (a la explorer, finder in other OS's) you are using is not full screen (maximized).

    2.) open up startup applications in it's own window (from the gear in the upper right is easiest)

    3.) drag and drop the "Team Viewer 7" icon from the applications folder to the blank white space where startup applications are listed in the startup applications window.

    What Doesn't work: dragging and dropping from the Dash Home, at least for me, on the server I set up here running Unity 2d... It asploded.

    What this process actually does: Creates an entry in the startup applications window for "TeamViewer 7", with the TV Icon, with a Command of "/opt/teamviewer/teamviewer/7/bin/teamviewer" and a comment "TeamViewer Remote Control Application"

    Side-Effects: When you log in you will have the TeamViewer application open and front and center. Some people may want it to minimize to the tray upon start... outside of my knowledge-scope, sorry.

    Side-Effects: I had already drug the TeamViewer icon over from Dash Home to add it to the Launcher (which did work sans asplosions) and doing it this way effectively creates another, unpinned version of the TeamViewer application in the Launcher. So I have the "TeamViewer 7" icon that I had put in the Launcher, and a "TeamViewer" icon below that that actually has the white arrow indicators for the open windows it has and weather it is on top or not. I could just remove the one I had made, but for instance when I duplicate this process with something like Chromium it doesn't act that way. (e.g. Cromium launches as the icon I already have in the launcher when I make it a startup application, not creating a separate Icon to run under.)

    Conclusion: I hope this helps anyone reading through here trying to get TeamViewer 7 to run from the Startup Applications in Unity on ubuntu 12.04 If you find this helpful please send me a message and say "Hey!" I hope I'm not typing purely for finger exercise and manual dexterity.

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    Re: (how to) Add applications (teamviewer) to Startup

    Ausrick, thanx a lot for your contribution! It worked for me. Im gonna try to find a similar app that runs instead in the tweak bar waitn at all times

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