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Thread: Two Linux Installs

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    Two Linux Installs

    I currently have Ubuntu installed in a LVM setup, with /boot on a seperate partition.

    I want to add gentoo into the mix (I have space in the LVM), but I want to keep the grub in Ubuntu.

    I made this up theoretically, but would it work?

    1. Install Gentoo in the LVM, without grub
    2. Setup the Ubuntu Chroot in Gentoo by binding the /dev /proc /sys dirs and mounting the Ubuntu root.
    3. Mount the boot partition to the Ubuntu Chroot
    4. Symlink Ubuntu's /boot to gentoo's /boot so that the kernels that gentoo installs will land in the right place.
    5. Setup a update-grub script on gentoo to run update-grub in the chroot.

    Perhaps something like
    chroot /mnt/ubuntu /usr/sbin/update-grub
    Thanks for looking!
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