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Thread: Asking the system not to install dropbox

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    Asking the system not to install dropbox


    I tried installing dropbox on my Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit using Ubuntu Software Center and after downloading it hanged.
    (The progress bar stopped moving for over an hour)

    I shutdown the Laptop as i had to commute and turned it back on later.

    Now each time I try installing a package using the terminal, it immediately starts to install dropbox which also never completes.(Stays on 99% sometimes 100 for hours)

    How do I ask the system to quit trying to install dropbox. ( Ctrl C doesn't work either)

    I just don't want the system to even try to install it at all.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Asking the system not to install dropbox

    Try this to remove dropbox
     sudo apt-get --purge dropbox
    then this
    sudo apt-get autoclean
    Then try to install something, if you get an error put it in your post.

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    Re: Asking the system not to install dropbox

    Just ran into this issue as well. This worked for me:

    Open Synaptic, search DropBox, remove DropBox. Apply changes.

    Back into software center, DropBox is officially removed.
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