I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if anyone has any insight as to how to fix it...

I like to use OpenShot Video editor for preprocessing/arrangement of video clips in sequence to cut down on processing load when using kdenlive. Have never really had a problem with it (beyond it simplicity/limitations) prior, but lately when ever I try to render a project, the last ~10sec are always cut off. I got no error messages or notifications, and did not become aware of the problem until the clips were arranged in kdenlive and I have 10+ clips that are cut off... This becomes very aggravation/disruptive to work flow especially when working on a large tedious project with multiple segments to render.

Does anyone have any ideas...?

Another problem I've had is, I can not seem to get the 3D titles tools to work... I tried un/reinstalling Blender and Openshot, but cannot get it to be responsive... just wondering if anyone had any ideas, I would be very greatful