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Thread: Only boots in recovery mode- melted graphics card

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    Angry Only boots in recovery mode- melted graphics card

    Hi all,

    I've had a quick look to see if anyone else might have this but no luck, sorry if this has been sorted out before.
    OK here's the background, I had a beloved Toshiba satelite pro, that due to playing Supcom too much I melted the graphics card. I recently found out about Ubuntu, and have been installing it on all of the house computers. I even put it on an old PC, and noticed that it ran even though the graphics drivers didn't work... that got me thinking.
    Meanwhile on the tosh, I managed to a get a 'creative' version of windows XP to run, although the graphics barely worked. I installed Ubuntu, and....
    It worked!!! Kinda.. I can only boot it in recovery mode, but once i get to the login it works fine. Of course this wouldn't normally be a problem, but I was thinking of giving the lappy to my wife who is quite militant about things like prompts and anything not completely straight forward.
    When I try a normal boot I get a black screen after a couple of seconds (plus a nasty bleeping noise). I only want the computer to run firefox, streaming and some word processing packages.
    Is there any way I can sort this out for my woman? ^^

    Thanks in advance (btw I'm a complete scrub when it comes Ubuntu)

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    Re: Only boots in recovery mode- melted graphics card

    You want to "give" your wife the laptop that you broke?

    I believe that women pay very close attention to the little signals we transmit that tell them where they stand. So, I'd say your idea is terrible.

    If I was going to give my wife a computer, I'd give her the best one I had and keep the broken one. Especially if I broke it.

    I don't understand what you mean by 'melted' graphics card. Does this lappy have a discrete card? Is it a nightmare to get to it? If not, have you thought about pulling it out and re-applying thermal paste, or maybe shopping for an eBay replacement? In my limited experience, graphics cards either work or they don't. One way or the other. They don't seem to spend much time in between, kinda working but kinda not.

    You also mentioned graphics drivers. That's a software issue, unrelated to hardware failure due to abuse and overheating. Have you tried reinstalling drivers? If so, did it make any difference?

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    Re: Only boots in recovery mode- melted graphics card

    What graphics card does it have?
    we need to know that much to be of help
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    Re: Only boots in recovery mode- melted graphics card

    Need to make several points here ...

    First, if you see ANYTHING on the screen, including just white text on a black background, your graphics chip is working; otherwise, you would see only a BLACK screen -- no cursor, no text.

    Second, if you see a desktop on the screen, your graphics chip is working properly -- regardless of anything reported to the contrary.

    Third, this forum has a standing policy of NOT supporting the pirating of software, even from Microsoft. So if what you really meant was that you had a "pirated" version of Windows XP, we can't help you here.
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