Hi everyone,

I've run into a dilemma while migrating a Hadoop installation from Oracle Enterprise Linux to Ubuntu. The prior developer put the following command into rc.local within OEL:

su reporter -c "cd /path/to/directorywithscript && bash runwebserver.sh >> /dev/null 2>&1&"

I need the above webserver to automatically start (and stop) in Ubuntu as the specified reporter user (the automation stuff is *MUCH* less important than getting this script to properly run as the reporter user, but is a "nice to have" feature). This process needs to start last, as I still need to configure a couple of other Hadoop-related scripts to automatically start before this one (the webserver resides in the Hadoop filesystem, which doesn't get mounted until after you're in the OS). Every time I issue the su command I get asked for a password. This occurs regardless of which user is currently "active" and wasn't a problem in OEL since the Root user is actually used. I've tried adding the following to /etc/sudoers for every user on my system (as I'm unsure which user will be active when the script is invoked):

root ALL=(ALL) ALL
reporter ALL=/bin/su
username2 ALL=/bin/su
username3 ALL=/bin/su

Please note that my Linux knowledge is still weak (I knew almost no Linux before this project was dropped in my lap). Any help is *greatly* appreciated as this is currently a major stumbling block!! =)