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Installing the current quantal development build + asus-wmi patch + bumblebee get the following working:

* all functionbuttons F1-F12 function buttons except F5 and F6
* suspend and resume
* brightness changing
* USB Ethernet adapter

The following does not work:

* Actually using the discrete GPU for 3D rendering (No-one has been able to do that yet, it seems)
* HDMI (cat /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/status keeps reporting 'disconnecting')
* Changing brightness through F5 and F6
* Wifi statusled (it often gives the opposite status), but it seems controllable through the drivers, so thats a good start.
* Changing touchpad sensitivy, Acceleration does work though

Taking into account that bumblebee should turns off the nvidia card the system consumes around 16Watts at maximum brightness. Will try to tune this further with instructions on the wiki (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbookPrime)

Edit: After enabling ALPM (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/PowerManagementALPM) and adding the following to the kernel parameters: pcie_aspm=force drm.vblankoffdelay=1 the system pulls only 10-11 Watts. A fair improvement. I did not use 'i915.semaphores=1' because this gave me a nice kernel panic at every boot.

A description of this parameter:

All of this was tested at 100% brightness with both bluetooth and wifi radio on

Seems like something desirable! (source: intellinuxgraphics.org/2011Q4.html)

Some powertop tunables:


Edit 2: Re-adding i915.semaphores=1 now works, for some reason I get o more kernel panics, furthermore I disabled the NMI watchdog with nmi_watchdog=0 as per powertop's suggestion. Any thoughts on how to permanently accomplish the other suggestions powertop gives?

Edit 3: When plugging in a HDMI cable i get the following in syslog:

This might be a bug, but as I am running alpha software, would there possibly be any place to report this?

I understand something goes wrong with the handshake between my monitor and the graphics card, might try this on another monitor.

If there are any developers in need of testing, please contact me
I just tried plugging HDMI to my Benq 24fpw, it works but only on 1080p resolution.

I just used the "display-thing" in gnome (uses xrandr i think)

Don't you get any output?