Hi, I have one and a half problems concerning my monitor. First, suddenly, since yesterday afternoon, my screen stopped turning off after the 10 minute timeout I had set. Specifically, Ubuntu 12.04 stopped feeding signal, making the screen go black, but the backlight continued being turned on. If I wait 30 minutes, moving the mouse takes me to the lock screen, as it should. Has anyone encountered something similar? I didn't do any weird configuration lately. The last thing I did (don't know if it's related) is installed Eclipse SDK and the Android SDK. I have nvidia proprietary drivers installed for GTS450.

A minor issue (not annoying at all, just makes me wonder) is that Ubuntu recognizes my 23" Philips 236VLA Monitor as a laptop screen. Full resolution is available (1920x1080) but it just makes me wonder. This however happened from the beginning and I dont think it's related to my main problem.