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Thread: Change Screen Resolution without Graphics Driver

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    Exclamation Change Screen Resolution without Graphics Driver

    I installed Windows on one of my desktops for C++ programming in Visual Studio...I typically work with Code::Blocks under linux, but I guess this setup would be good for Windows programming and Cross-Compiling...but the main reason is because I want to start programming VST plugins, which is only possible with XCode or Visual Studio...

    getting off topic, so here's my issue:

    The "desktop" I've installed Windows on is actually a small server, which came with minimal integrated graphics and NO audio whatsoever. The bad graphics driver is forcing my screen into one of two options, both of which are an incorrect screen resolution. Such bad resolution is really bad for programming as it makes the font look horrible and less easy to read. It also doesn't allow for as much screen real estate, restricting the workflow tremendously.

    My question is:
    Is it possible to change the screen resolution to, say, 1366x768 without installing a better graphics card or anything? Is there any file within the OS that I can edit to allow a more fitting resolution? Thank you in advance...this server gives me so much crap every time I try to use it.

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    Re: Change Screen Resolution without Graphics Driver

    I don't think Windows really does anything other than the standard VESA unless you have a driver, so you're basically stuck with 4:3 modes (800x600, etc.). Somehow, I doubt a cheap on board video is going to do HD modes. You probably will need to replace it (should probably be cheap enough depending on your mobo).


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