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Thread: Ubuntu 12.10 alpha 1 and MacBook Pro 8.1 Dual Boot Lion

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    Ubuntu 12.10 alpha 1 and MacBook Pro 8.1 Dual Boot Lion

    Hi, Everyone !!

    Happy to join the community !
    I hope I will help you doing my 12.10 alpha testing on a MacBook Pro 8.1 !!

    I've installed the 12.04 version before doing a dist upgrade to the 12.10 alpha 1.

    I had to fix the wifi driver :

    Here is the tutorial.

    I m using gnome 3.5 and most of things are okay.
    My laptop works fine after some little modifications for the sharing with my macosx partition =).

    I just have few question, the keyboard layout seems to work wiredly, i cant use my F keys to change sound and luminosity. It was working just few reboots ago. does anyone know howto debug this ?

    I also wants to know if I can find a better driver for my touchpad because the two fingers scrolling is not yet working well... When i scroll using two fingers, happend that the mouse is clicking at the same time wich is anoying for internet navigation. I tryed reducing the timeout time for the "touch double click" but it s not really helpfull.

    Can I compil a great working driver for my TouchPad ? Do you know where ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.10 alpha 1 and MacBook Pro 8.1 Dual Boot Lion

    Resolved ok their is a bug in the touchad configuration.

    On gnome 3.5 when i activate the (Clik for touch ) it s making a conflict with the keyboard layout, so then I can't use the special macintosh keyboard features (Sound up, down, Mute etc...) . So I unactivated "Click For Touch " and I can still use "Drag with two fingers". Then the bug disapeared.

    I hope this bug will be fixed by Gnome soon.


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