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Thread: Conky Forecast Doesn't Work on my Ubuntu

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    Red face Conky Forecast Doesn't Work on my Ubuntu

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 and can't seem to get the weather forecast on ANY of my conky themes working. However, on all of the themes that I've tried, everything that isn't weather-related works flawlessly.

    I've already updated everything and downloaded all of the packages AT LEAST 4 times, so I don't think that that's the problem.

    I've uploaded attachments of a screenshot of my Conky-enabled desktop (Conky Ken) and an image of what it SHOULD look like, and, as you can see, it's not right at all.

    I've been looking for solutions for about 4 days now, and still can't seem to find anything that can make it work. I also don't know too much about how these function, so if you could go easy on me with the explanation, I would appreciate it

    Also, please ask me any questions you need answered, I'll probably respond very quickly
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