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Thread: & Ubuntu. Dual Boot Problem.

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    & Ubuntu. Dual Boot Problem.

    So i decided to dual boot, Ubuntu with Windows7. So i downloaded the installer, set everything to my desires, 20gb, account name and password ect. It installed i rebooted selected the Ubuntu allowed to install as you do, did m'y skip anything when i installed it rebooted and when i selected Ubuntu to boot, it came up with a, i can only describe as a purple screen. Its stays like that for ages, till i turn off my computer and boot Windows..

    Any help?

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    Re: & Ubuntu. Dual Boot Problem.

    Just an off the wall possibility... What sort of monitor do you have? Or is the a laptop? I have on old test PC with a reasonably capable nVidia card. And it has an old 1024 x 768 flat panel monitor attached. I get the same purple screen when I try to install Ubuntu. If I connect a different monitor, install Ubuntu and configure the monitor resolution to 1024 x 768 I can reconnect the old monitor and I am good to go. Ubuntu just does not seem to be able to relate to the old monitor to determine the appropriate resolution and frequency.

    That said... can you run Ubuntu from the live CD on this machine? If so then perhaps the monitor is fine and it is some other issue.


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    Re: & Ubuntu. Dual Boot Problem.

    I'm generally distrustful of wubi. Setting up a true dual boot system is not that hard and I've never had any problems in the 7 years or so I've been dual booting. It may be worth looking into.


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